2016 Annual Conference – BC Chapter


围绕这个热门主题,协会的年会筹委会精心挑选,诚意邀请到经验丰富的专业人士作为演讲嘉宾。卑诗省地产评估局的评估员Michael Law和Phil Chau为大家介绍了地产分类,估价方法以及上诉流程等,并对于关于地税的常见误解也进行了澄清;MNP 会计师事务所合伙人Kevin Wong概括分析了常用的地产税务规划方法,观众提问踊跃;德尚律师事务所的曹律师分享了最近热门的地产新闻里的法律问题,观众反响热烈;Coast Capital Savings 的Peter Roberts, 景泰资产管理的Tony You,中国银行的Christabelle Zhang 分别从金融一级市场,二级市场和跨境服务等三个角度为地产投资人点明了可用融资工具。最吸引专业会计师们眼球的是来自BTY的合伙人资深建筑估价师Eldon Lau的建筑造价及分类数据,令众多会计师们纷纷拍照记录。本次年会的成功举办也吸引了多位宾客当场加入协会,甚至有提出明年年会主题的构想。附图是年会筹委会成员。




CCPAA BC Annual Conference – October 8, 2016

CCPAA-BC 2016 Annual Conference

Real Estate Industry in British Columbia

Holiday Inn Hotel, 711 West Broadway, Vancouver

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Event Highlights:

In light of the great success of our 2015 annual conference, the Canadian-Chinese Professional Accountants Association BC Chapter is proudly presenting our 2016 annual conference with the theme of “Real Estate Industry in British Columbia”. This Annual Conference is particularly designed as the crucial gateway of international business opportunities between Greater China and Canada. It will:

  • provide you breadth and in depth information on Real Estate industry in Canada;
  • allow you to access unique financing, investment and joint venture opportunities in Real Estate industry;
  • facilitate you networking with around 150 participants including Chinese and Canadian financial and industrial professionals, management executives and decision makers.

Agenda (subject to change without notice)

9:00–9:30        Registration 注册

9:30-9:40         Address from CCPAA 协会致词

9:40-10:10       BC Assessment Presentation – Industry Overview BC地产行业整体概况分析

Michael law, BC Assessment/Phil Chau, BC Assessment/Ed Shum, Deputy Assessor

10:10-11:00     Tax Issues and Planning Related to Real Estate Transactions 税务规划及地产行业相关的税务问题

Kevin Wong, CA, Regional Leader, Taxation Services, MNP LLP

11:00-11:15      Coffee Break        茶歇

11:15-12:05      Financing wiht Local Credit Union 贷款融资问题

Peter Roberts, VP Business Banking, Coast Capital Savings

12:05-12:25     Asset Financing and Alternative Financing Options 二次贷款融资问题  

Genesis Capital Corporation

12:25 – 14:00  Lunch Break / 午餐间歇 & Networking / 联谊交流       

14:00-14:30    Foreign Exchange Administration of Cross-boarder Guarantee 内保外贷及开发贷款

Christabelle Zhang, Bank of China

14:30-15:15     Construction Cost Budgeting and Effective Cost Control 建筑造价、预算及成本控制

Eldon Lau, PQS, MRICS, LEED AP, BYT Group

15:15 -15:25    Coffee Break 茶歇

15:25 -15:55    Legal Issues Related to Real Estate Transactions 与房地产相关的法律问题

Victor W Tsao, Lawyer, DS Avocates

16:00               Conference closing/ 研讨会结束

Fee: Members: $50, $15 discount for payment before September 26, 2016

Non-members: $128, $40 discount for payment before September 26, 2016

Language: English & Mandarin mixed, no interpretation will provide

Lunch & Coffee are included; CPD hours: 4

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CCPAA 2016 Spring Festival Gathering

We would like to sincerely invite you to CCPAA BC 2016 Spring Festival Gathering.


Bring one to two dishes for potluck, your family members and your laugh!  ;))) Friends are also welcome to join our big party!


Fees: Free

Location: 5451 Minoru Blvd, Richmond, BC.

Time: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Saturday January 30, 2016


Please register through Eventbrite link below no later than January 28, 2016 so we can ensure enough dumplings and soft drinks for everyone.





The Canadian-Chinese Professional Accountants Association

cordially invite you to the


“IN-DEPTH Wealth Management in Canada”


Date & Time: Saturday, October 3, 2015 (9AM – 4 PM)

Venue: Hilton Hotel Metro-town

6083 McKay Ave, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5H 2W7


Fee: Members: $50, $15 discount for payment before September 10, 2015    

Non-members: $128, $40 discount for payment before September 10, 2015

Language: English & Mandarin mixed, no interpretation will provide

Lunch & Coffee are included; CPD hours: 5

7th Annual Conference